Welcome to the Snack Pack Program in Potsdam

Providing healthy snacks and lunch items to students on weekends and holidays.

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  • With your help, we can continue to provide healthy snacks to more than 250 young students in need each week. Thank you for caring enough to donate your time, money and talents to help meet this growing need.

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About Us

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Volunteers from the local community, including college students, get together each week to pack snacks for students from Pre-K to high school level.  Each bag contains a minimum of eight snacks, including one lunch item.

Our history

  • The Potsdam Snack Pack Program was launched in November 2016 with a goal of providing healthy snacks to eligible school children on weekends and holidays. Potsdam was one of the few locales that did not have a "backpack" or "snack pack" program, even though more than 40% of the elementary school students were eligible for free or reduced lunch.  We are an all-volunteer community organization so the funds raised are used to purchase food for the snack packs.  The program currently serves more than 250 students each week  from the elementary to high school level. 

Our mission

  • When students are hungry or worrying about their next meal it's more difficult for them to focus on learning. We want to ensure that no child goes hungry over the weekends, and that every child has the opportunity to be an active learner when she or he returns to school. 

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Potsdam Snack Pack Program

200 Market Street #228 Potsdam, NY 13676



Volunteers normally gather at New Hope Community Church on Thursdays at 9 a.m. to prepare snack packs. The church is located at 33 Grant St, Potsdam, NY.